Welcome to Convoy 2018!

Happy New Year men!

I am super excited to see where the Spirit leads us in 2018. Your leadership team has been praying and planning (in that order) and the thing that has kept bubbling up is Stories. We're going to try something that, frankly, is a bit out of my comfort zone. I've talked before in this space about being a bit OCD. When it comes to laying out content for our meeting times, my tendency is to over-think, over-prepare, and over-control. So here's the truth for this year - we don't have a curriculum and we don't know what we'll be talking about throughout the year. 

What we have in mind is hearing from guys who have stuff going on, guys who have been through stuff, guys who are in the midst of figuring stuff out, and guys who have learned some stuff the hard way. Not professional speakers for the most part, and perhaps not perfectly polished, but real guys speaking from the heart to share their stories. If the pieces fall into place, I think we're going to find that we struggle with a lot of the same issues with some of us a little farther down the path and able to reach back to lend a hand or an encouraging word. I also think we're going to find that God takes pleasure in using ordinary guys in ordinary circumstances for kingdom work when they have made a commitment to walking it out faithfully. 

Join us for the first installment at the Lodge on the campus of Fellowship Bible Church, 6:15 AM on Friday, January 5. Bryan Lewis will be talking about margin, so if you don't have time, you probably need to be there. See you soon!

Scott Thompson