Habitually hungry

It's Wednesday, 12:39 PM. Guess what I'm doing. Same thing I do most every day around this time - eating lunch. Now, there may be a question about what I'm going to eat. Occasionally there's a question about when I'm going to eat. But there is hardly ever a question about whether I'm going to eat. It's something I've been doing for years! There are at least three reasons for this: (1) I get hungry! (2) I understand that taking in nourishment is necessary for my health. (3) I am in the habit of stopping to eat sometime in that 11:00-1:00 o'clock window.

So every day about this time, my belly starts to let me know it's empty. I may not even realize it, but when I feel it, I look at the clock and realize, "Oh yeah, I guess it's about that time". I can, and have ignored the feeling and it eventually goes away. In fact, I can make my appetite for groceries much smaller by repeatedly refusing to feed it. Of course, that is not a sustainable practice if my long-term goal is to remain alive.

How about my spiritual appetites? The appetite motivates me to feed. The practice of feeding makes the appetite stronger. If I feed that appetite regularly, it becomes a habit, part of my routine. My default becomes I feed the appetite. The fruit of the appetite has become the fuel for the appetite. If I miss a meal, I feel discomfort. I can deaden the appetite by ignoring or denying it, but again - not a sustainable practice if my long-term goal is to remain (spiritually) alive.

As we think about developing some healthy habits, consider this: https://www.ignitermedia.com/products/3221-leave-a-legacy.

Until next time, dig in fellas - the buffet is open!

Scott Thompson