Legacy: Paying it forward

Foxhole Questions

Foxhole follow-up 1: Three keys

Read Proverbs 10:9. Then read James 1:8. What is it about integrity that makes it such a big deal to God? What would integrity have to do with belief? Could a lack of integrity be considered a form of double-mindedness? If so, how does it contribute to instability?

Read Proverbs 11:2. Then read James 4:10. What is your definition of being humble? What does it mean to be “lifted up” by God? Who have you known that displayed humility in their life? Do you find that to be an attractive quality? What do you see as the benefits of humility?

Read 1 Chronicles 16:34-35. Is it unrealistic to think we could/should be thankful in the face of all the world’s problems? Why or why not? Are there people in your life who deserve a thank-you today? Have there been circumstances in your life that you hated at the time, but thank God for as you look back?

Close in a few moments of meditation on how the keys of integrity, humility, and gratitude could affect your legacy if they were to become more evident in your life.

Foxhole follow-up 2: Structures to stay on track

Read the Bible verses from last week again. Feel free to Google additional verses about integrity, humility, and gratitude for an expanded perspective.

How do the three keys reinforce one another? In other words, how does having integrity help me become more humble? How does humility cause me to become more thankful? How does gratitude enhance my integrity? Are there other relationships between the three that create positive synergies?

Do the habits and structures from last month (internalizing God’s Word and conversation with God, supported in authentic Christian fellowship) contribute to the growth of integrity, humility, and gratitude in your life? Explain your answer.

Close by worshiping God through reading/praying 1 Chronicles 16:8-36.

Foxhole follow-up 3: Reaching back, looking forward

Read 2 Timothy 2:1-2. What do you see here that tells you how Paul felt about Timothy?
What do you know about the investment Paul made in Timothy? The expectations and confidence Paul placed in Timothy? If you need them, here are some more examples to further the conversation….

– 1 Timothy 1:18-19; 4:6; 4:12-16; 5:1-2; 6:12

– 2 Timothy 1:3-9; 1:13-14

Have there been men in your life that served as your “Paul”? Who were they? How did they invest in you? What did you learn from them? Are any of those relationships still active? Are there men in your life who have been your “Timothy”? Who were they? What was the basis of the relationship? What made it special? Are any of those relationships still active?

Can you think of men in your sphere of influence who would benefit from fellowship with other men in a small group? Would any of them be receptive to your invitation to try out such a group? Close by praying that the Spirit would lead you to those men. Heads up, eyes open, men!

Jeremy Waterhouse